Monday, January 15, 2007

More work in the layout room

Well, here we first post of 2007!

Still plugging away in the layout room. I have the walls painted (with a few small blemishes to fix). Now to prepare for the installation of the suspended ceiling.

Some photos...

Overall view of the room. I have placed banner paper on the floor to aid in track planning. The 'doughnut' sort of looks like a 'boomerang' at present...

A closer look at some ideas for the carferry / lumbermill area. This is 24" wide by 8'8" long. Doing this allows me to use full scale templates or actual turnouts and track to get some idea of what will work (hopefully!)

The second photo is a freehand sketch of the shelving unit that I will build to under the carferry / lumbermill area.

Just imagine the 36" duckunder / swingout section at 52" above the floor. I did this to see if there would be access problems. Doesn't look like it!

This is where the (planning) magic happens! Note how the drafting table is located next to the beer fridge! Don't know if you can see the scale room mockup on the fridge, but you might be able to see 'Kenny' (from 'South Park') located inside the layout room! many empties are in that red bag, Ken??

Needless to say, the adjacent wall unit will have to be moved before benchwork construction begins...
Next big task will be installing drywall around the cold and hot air plenum ducts, so the suspended ceiling can be installed. I will need a couple of guys with strong backs to help...some of the guys will be here tonight to help with this...

An overall view of the long wall, where Kelowna yard will go. Gotta get that wall unit out of the way!! I'm quite happy with how the two-tone paint worked out. The guys in my group (the "FRED's') are looking forward to sitting on the futon running trains, with a Digitrax throttle (using the UR90 infrared receivers) in one hand and a beer in the other. Good thing I put the fridge right next to the futon!

That's all for now...Ken.

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Mike Hamer said...

Hey Kenny, Is the drafting table beside the beer fridge for "draft" purposes! (Big Grin)

Hey, looks like your moving right along. Can't wait to see more progress. I just wish I was out there to lend a hand!

Cheers, Mike