Friday, May 22, 2009

May layout progress on the Kootenay Western

Hi again...I have been cruising along with scenery on my layout. I plan on having the layout ready for display during the upcoming NMRA Pacific Northwest Region meet in mid-September. Lots to do before then!

Some photos for your viewing pleasure...

These two photos are an overview of the completed scenery to date.New scenery base to the right of the bridges, including an access road and small parking lot...perhaps for some rafters to enjoy the white water of the river...fairly mild current, given it is mid-September on the layout...

Trackside view approaching Winfield siding from the south. Should look real good with more trees and various plant life...

Looks like those pesky beavers have migrated from Chris Lyon's layout to the Kootenay Western. Engineering forces may have to consider destroying the dam, before the water washes out the mainline!

Another view of the beaver pond. After the Kootenay Western roadmaster spoke with the animal control officials, it was decided to open up a small area of the dam to enable partial drainage of the backed-up to trap those beavers and to send them back to the Lyon Valley Northern! (freshly poured acrylic gloss medium...makes for the milky look)

The creek has collected into a small pond a bit downstream from the beaver dam. Here we see a culvert with a small brook draining into the pond...The water level is significantly lower than where it should be...gonna need a few more pours of acrylic gloss medium...sure like how the pond bottom detail shows!

Another view of the pond. I used actual water to trace the contour for the streams and the pond, then poked a hole in the bottom of the plaster to drain the water...worked like a champ! I then marked the 'high water mark' around the pond ( a lighter ground shade marks where the water was in the springtime...)

Freshly applied acrylic gel medium to simulate frothy, turbulent water at the base of the outflow creek. This will dry and cure (overnight) into being semi-transparent.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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