Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blue Jays win their opener

Here I am at the "Rockin R" and I am showing Chris all the exploits that I took part in. As you know if Kenny is near a derailer or a traction motor cable the result is quite exciting. Either bounces under a passing train and causes a derailment or a little building gets crushed into smitherines by a prototypically correct piece of rolling stock. Like modelers, it is really easy to throw a switch between the trucks of an unsuspecting car. Teletype was lost forever. I am sure there are some keys still to be found under the ballast...or are those your car Keys Kenny? I will leave it to Ken to tell you all about Wabamun. As I was in Ottawa and heard this on the news,,,,the first thing I said to my good wife Lela...I bet you anything Ken was on that train. And yup He was there. I also like his story about how CN likes to run locomotives over drawbars or the one I like best is when he fell of his cab chair and nearly killed himself on those bumpy trips at night. It has to be a great distance between signals for that to happen...in OCS.. I hope.... Any way here are some pictures to ponder.

Kenny is this the truck wheel that was missing off that tank car when they did the standing inspection? Finally found it aye:)
West of town as you had thought though I guess that makes sense since you were coming from Edson

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Mike Hamer said...

Hey Ken,

I passed by Wabamun on "The Canadian" a couple of weeks after the incident. Managed to get a few pics through the plexiglass in the Park Car on the tail end.

Lisa and I celebrated our 25th by taking the train out west across the nation. The summer before we took "The Ocean Ltd." down east...so I've been to both coasts by train within a calendar year! A big thrill for me!

Cheers, Mike
Ottawa, Ontario