Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Hi again...kind of a 'lazy' day. Raining or snowing, actually would be a good day to clean out the mess in the basement ;-)

Posting some more of my prototype photos for your perusal and enjoyment. Guess I have an unfair advantage from a railfan's point of view...the CN Police don't razz me about being on the right of way with a camera!! (Right, Chris ?? ;-))
I worked on the Northern Alberta Railways (NAR) in 1979 in McLennan and Grande Prairie. I wish I had taken more photos back then. 3 GMDD SD38-2's on the McLennan ready track for the 'GSL Turn' to Roma Junction (just west of Peace River) and back... On the Dawson Creek wayfreight, westbound between Wembley and Beaverlodge... In the early 80's, we acquired system GP38-2w's (to replace the 9100-series F7's) and cabooses...or is that 'cabeese'? This shows a 'meet' at Peace River...I think this is a pair of GSL Turns. Note the 3 SD38-2's behind the 5591...8000 horsepower for 4800 tons maxiumum up the 2.8 percent grade, at 7-8 mph!!
All 4 ex-NAR SD38-2's at Peace River...this was rare, since they only used 3 SD38-2's on the 'big hill' due to problems with train separations...5703 (ex-NAR 404) was repainted after a spectacular accident at Chisholm AB in August 1981. This loco hit a washout with 2 F7B's on train 418. Big derailment with lead/zinc concentrate from Pine Point NWT and 3 leaking propane cars. (No, Chris... I was NOT on that train...:-)) The Canadian Army had to come in and detonate the 3 leakers. The resultant explosion caused a nuclear style fireball and mushroom cloud . This flattened the forest in about a 3/4 mile radius...

That's all for today, folks...



Chris Lyon said...

Well Ken....It had to be worth it given it is a DT&I. I was wondering if you could post a blog on the old Monashee Pacific. It would be good for the boys to see and may encourage a visit or two.

Mike Hamer said...

Hey Ken, I'm sure you won't want to re-create that "explosive event" on your future layout!

Cheers, Mike (with a big grin)