Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gotta get moving!

Hi again. I don't know what it is...I think I am at a bit of a 'wall', where I need to do some electrical and lighting planning for the new layout. Oh yeah, I have to pick up more supplies like lumber and drywall to continue. Something about working the 12 inch to the foot trains and spending something like 60 hours away from home since last Friday...I'd better call the electrician (and find the time to get the supplies from the lumberyard).

I met Trevor Sokolan today...nice fellow who is going to paint my Overland SD38-2. This will be painted as the CN 1653.

I have a concept for the layout. The primary focus will be local switching, which I may have mentioned before. I have also decided to add a 'high line' with staging and passing sidings. This will enable continuous-run for display viewing (kids and visitors), engine break-in and that sort of thing. The high line will have (probably) 2 junctions with the switching 'low line'. I plan on doing this on a shelf along the walls, in order to have the room perform multiple tasks, such as an extra TV lounge and extra sleeping quarters for company.

The wall adjacent to the new spare room will have the car barge and another industry. This will emulate the design from Plan 8 (Port Ogden and Northern) from Kalmbach's '101 track plans'. Also looking at a small marshalling yard, which I may use Chris's old yard from Cardiff.

It's almost a dead ringer for the yard that Kelowna Pacific used on Wedell Place in Kelowna. Other industries include a cement batch plant, bulk oil dealer, team/bulk terminal, freight forwarder, and a piggyback ramp just to name a few.

Upon Chris's advice, I will tape off the benchwork on the floor. I should be able to map out the track plan on the floor, given I have a large roll of vellum.

Wished I had more to report, but it was nice just to relax today and reset the gyros, so to speak!


Ken. (sorry Trevor...still looking for the shot of the Mackenzie Northern BL20-2!)

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Mike Hamer said...

Ken...good to hear of your progress and your plans. Looking forward to your visit in Ottawa this coming week!

Cheers, Mike