Monday, April 10, 2006

Kelsey's birthday ...20 trips around the Sun!

Hi again. Whew! I looked at my last post and I should do some explaining. The 'Rockin' R' is the Rosslyn Hotel in north Edmonton. I have had a few scrapes on the railroad, as Chris alluded to. I think the wierdest one is where a traction motor cable snagged a derail, flipped the derail back on between the units and derailed the trailing unit. O f course, I lined a switch under a slow-moving lumber train and derailed 2 loaded centerbeam cars. I crushed a bungalow (a 'small building') that housed a fax machine...therefore the reference to 'teletype'.

Anyhow, Kelsey (daughter # 2 of 3) turned 20 today .Hard to believe...

Some layout stuff...still busy drywalling the room. I will be looking at building several domino-style layout design elements (LDEs). One of the first ones I will build is a 2 by 10 foot section I call ' Kelsey Bay'. This will have a car barge, lumbermill, team track and steel fabricator. On the sketch (done with CadRail V.8), I have included carlengths. Each square is 1 foot.

Hope to have some more layout planning stuff on the next post.


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Mike Hamer said...

Hey Ken,

I loved the stories of your exploits with the "real" locomotives.

A big Happy Birthday to Kelsey! I have two daughters, Karen, age 22 and Alison, age 18. While they're not model railroaders, they are avid supporters of dad's hobby!

Cheers, Mike
Ottawa, Ontario